Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Joshua tree park

Before driving into Palm Springs we visited the Joshua tree National park. One of my favourite parks during the trip. No idea why.
The trees are peculiar. They reminded me of men, each standing at some distance from each other, a bit alone, but not too far from the others. The trees together never form a forest, they are too individual for that, but all together they still form an entity. Weird.
We also visited the "hidden valley"; a surreal landscape coming straight out of a Salvador Dali "soft construction with boiled beans" painting.
I know now where Hanna-Barbera got its inspiration for the Flintstones. 


rob carey said...

I love Joshua Tree..used to camp there and climb rocks. Such a unique place to visit.

Rene Fijten said...

Indeed Rob. I would have liked to stay there longer. In general, I was quite impressed by the beautiful National parks you have in the West, something to be proud of.