Thursday, 29 August 2013

Palm Springs woodfires

Palm Springs. No sketches this time, there are times I don't draw....
This is a picture made during the thursday evening market in Palm Springs: a road closed for cars, lively public, a lot of market stalls, artists, music, good food and excellent restaurants. And nice bars with good beer. We had a terrific time.

But in the background you can see the woodfires in the mountains above Palm Springs. It's the faint red glare high between the two palmtrees on the left. But you should realize that the bright lamplights can't even hide it; it was very present in the less lit urban area's.
All streets were covered with a fine layer of ash, and there was always a very faint smell of smoke.
It was warm and a bit hazy that night, but I am not sure whether that was from the smoke or humidity.
We were never afraid or weary, but the looming fires were always there, in the back of our minds.

We hear the stories about the Rim fire in Yosemite Park, which we visited a few weeks ago. We can only hope the fires can be controlled before they do irrecoverable damage.

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