Saturday, 24 August 2013

Route 66

After the grand canyon we drove along parts of the legendary Route 66, among others in a little town called Seligman. We visited some relicts of the 50's like an old barbershop.
Dave (our driver) even had some personal stories of how they stayed here when his family moved to LA in the 50's. I love these kind of stories: objects and places come to life with them.
There were also a number of old rusty cars, like this 52 Chevy Bel air. (I just found out it's a 1953, thanks Jim)

Later that day we passed Roy's Motel, on one of these endless desert highways. The motel featured in the 1987 movie "the hitcher", one of my favourite films (the 2007 remake is horrible though).


Jim Bumgarner said...

I owned one of these when in high school. It's a '53, not a '52. Great rendition!!

Rene Fijten said...

Thanks Jim for correcting this. I would have loved to drive a car like this. Was it a decent car to the standard of those days?