Tuesday, 25 November 2014


It must seem like I don't make any usual sketches any more; I only feature different stuff like exhibitions, digital art, travels, paintings etcetera.
Here is another event: today my largest work of "art" was presented at the opening of our new Tebodin office on the "Brightlands" office park in Geleen.
A lot of dark suits, speeches and drinks, then the presentation, an explanation and putting my name under the digital painting.

The basic idea was a "Bokeh" image of the chemical plant at Chemelot (Geleen).
I once drove by the plant on a dark moonlit evening with some ground mist, and the lights on the towers seemed to shimmer like alien eyes. I tried to capture that feeling.
The colours are the exact firm colours (nowadays Tebodin is part of the international Bilfinger group). The work was totally made digitally, using GIMP; the dimensions of the print measured 2 x 4,5 meters. That's why the final image in TIFF (resolution 300dpi) measured as much as 1.5GB....
A tiny remark: I was there to present the image, and didn't carry a camera. That's why the pictures don't show public :)


Michael Lukyniuk said...

This is a pretty impressive poster. Besides drafting it, it must have been hard to find a printing firm that could produce something this large.
I was also curious why your company would use an English motto instead of one in Dutch? Perhaps it's just because a lot of your business is conducted in English. Here in Quebec, there are provincial laws that would prevent companies from doing that (much as I would disagree with the rigidity of this law).

Rene Fijten said...

Finding the printing part was not difficult at all, making this large image good enough to be looked at at short distance was more difficult.
As for the text, it's like a fashion for a company to have their motto in English. Even if they only work in the Netherlands. Dutch like to show off their knowledge of other languages :)
Apart from that, our firm is an originally Dutch, but now very international engineering firm; we have over 3000 employees working abroad.
But I do think you're right, one should be proud of the native language.