Sunday, 2 November 2014

Piazza dei Priori

Another of the Volterra sketches. We had 6 students and 2 teachers, one did photography and art, I did drawing and architecture.
As I had to teach I could not draw so much myself. But at times I would give the students a difficult assignment (see below), and we would observe them from a nice shaded terrace with some hot espresso, and I was able to do something like the above drawing. It's the first installment of a Leporello, a long strip of paper (~1,5 meter long) with drawings. More to come.


rob carey said...

this one's my favorite! any chance we can do an artwork trade, Rene?

rob carey said...

It doesn't have to be this one, of course :) Just anything you've done would be great.

Rene Fijten said...

Yes! a great idea! I'll contact you by email the coming few days. This one is part of a leporello (a harmonica) can't tear that out, but I'll gladly produce something fitting.

RobCarey said...

Wonderful! Looking forward to this. :)