Monday, 5 January 2015


Last tuesday we (my wife Gertie, my brother&partner and my mother) made a trip to Valencia, to visit the architectural masterpiece by Santiago Calatrava. A stunning complex of buildings: mesmerizing and megalomaniac at the same time. Especially at night, see image below.
But the biggest surprise was in the center of town: just walking down a street I noticed two sketchers sitting on the curb. I talked to them, and asked if they knew about USK. And to my surprise the guy immediately recognized my name. It was Bruno (carnets de bru) and his wife Isabelle, from the south of France, visiting the Valencia sketchers. I have followed Bruno for years, but had no idea how he looked like. Imagine, we had exchanged some remarks just the week before! 
It's stunning how small the world can get.

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