Sunday, 11 October 2015

Milan, Expo 2015

Just returned from a trip to Milan tonight. My second visit to Italy in two weeks, and the third in three months. Time to recapitulate and do something with all the sketches that I made.
I visited the Milan Expo (worldexhibition) with a group of architects last friday.
The Expo was very impressing, but also very crowded. There were waiting lines of several hours before most of the pavillions. I saw one line, wrapping around the Japan exhibition, which according the sign should take 5 hours......

Did not make many sketches, it took all my time to visit the terrain with over 150 exhibitions.
 This is a drawing of the Italian Pavillion, a beautiful building resembling a starcruiser from Star Wars.
I made this sketch while it was raining outside, it was pretty crowded inside.

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