Sunday, 8 November 2015

Volterra leporello (1)

During the Volterra trip (already a month ago!) I was able to make a series of sketches. Like last year I decided to make leporello, but I was not able to make it as long as the previous one. Just about 2 meters.

On the top you see the total strip. I will show the different scenes in more detail one by one.
The top one is the little chapel at the Porta San Felice.
The second is the view through that same Porta.

The third scene is the view over the Tuscan hills. Furthermore a medieval carved stone, with the Volterra municipal symbols, which you can find on one of the townhouses on the main Piazza dei Priori.


Michael Lukyniuk said...

This is a charming series of sketches of Volterra. I hope that you'll be posting the others in the future. They make nice souvenirs for you of your trip to Tuscany.

Rene Fijten said...

Yeah, the coming few day, Michael.