Tuesday, 5 May 2009

New York day1

Still day 1 in New York, Sunday april 26th. I just had the opportunity to sketch while Gertie was sleeping. The Flatiron buliding on 5th avenue and Broadway, once the first and highers skyscraper of New York. You can tell I still had some jetlag, the drawing is not straight. Below a sketch of watertanks on the roofs of W25th street.
New York, zondagmiddag 26 april. Schetsen van de "flatiron" (stijkijzer) op 5th avenue en Broadway. Watertanks op het dak van W25th street, naast het hotel.

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emon xie said...

Rene, these are stunning! I love prowling through Manhattan snapping shots of this and that, then finding a patio to lounge on and sketch a bit. And you've brought some of my favorite bits, especially things like the Flatiron, the yellow cabs, the water towers that are everywhere, especially out in Brooklyn, and the stunning contrasts one can see on the skyline when the sun is early or late in the day, excellent stuff, sir!

On a more technical side, could you snap a photo and post it of your gear when you water color on the go? I'm curious to see how a master does it, if you could indulge me.