Tuesday, 8 December 2009


At December 5th Dutch people give each other presents, often in the form of a surprise, accompanied by a long poem. I made these presents&poems for my family. Sinterklaas surprises, gemaakt voor (vlnr): Gertie, Mart, Bob, Rianne en Brenda.


RobCarey said...

Do you actually write the poetry yourself? If so, does everyone write their own poems? Here in Germany, December 6 was the special day for the kids. They put out their shoes and St. Niklaas came and put candy in them.

Rene Fijten said...

Yes, most people write these poems, but they are simple verses.

The Sint was riding on the roofs /
The horse clicking with its hoofs /
And when he rode on the house's top /
He suddenly saw this nice guy Rob. /
So Sint opened his big black book /
But did not know where to look /
No wish was noted for this bloke /
Not even a hint, and that's no joke! /
But Rob's real wish is easy to meet: /
A happy family life is what we all need.

RobCarey said...

Alas! I have discovered...

Those sketches by Fijten-
your face they can brighten!