Sunday, 25 November 2012

Babel's Ark

Finally finished, my stained glass window of Noah's ark. Someone who saw it noted that he not only saw the Ark in this piece, but also the tower of Babel. Even though it never crossed my mind when I designed the window, it totally makes sense.
Even though it is hardly visible, I used two different glass painting techniques in this piece, grisaille and enamel. Grisaille are the dark lines and figures of the animals and buildings. But as I wanted other and more colour nuances than the available glass plates, I gave some glass parts an additional blue or brown colour tone on the backside. With the coloured glass, it gives beautiful effects.
I reality the piece has more and subtle colour tones (the white is light yellow). But my decent camera was stolen last week, so I had to do with the camera of my mobile phone.
Size about 60x75cm.


201169 said...

magnifique René! superbe! on n'est pas loin de la céramique... ;-)

RobCarey said...

Beautiful work, Rene! Amazing talent.

Tineke said...

Wauw! Mooi geworden zeg!

schilderijenfoto said...

Prachtig. Zelden zulk mooi glas in lood gezien. Je maakt zulke mooie composities in glas in lood. Er komt iets heel moois in je boven met dit materiaal.

Rene Fijten said...

Pascal, Merci, est-tu courant que le grisaille est vraiment une procès de céramique?
Thanks Rob.
Dank je wel Tineke, Geert-Jan. Glas heeft prachtige kleuren en texturen, maar het is wel dominant in het bepalen van vorm en kleurkeuze.