Friday, 19 April 2013

Timeline April: Martin Richard

Timeline (every 15th of the month I choose an image to draw) was easy this time: the Boston Marathon attack. Enough horrible pictures of the explosions aftermath, but none as impressive as this one.
This is the 8th year old boy Martin Richard, who got killed in the bomb explosion. His sister lost a leg, his mother suffered from brain damage. And he lost his life, only because he went looking for his father to finish the marathon.
May we all live by the words of the drawing that he put on Facebook: no more hurting people.


Unknown said...

hey this sketch is beautiful i would like to ask you for permission to use it on a video project that I'm making about the boston tragedy. would you please reply to me. My email is

Chris said...
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Chris said...

I would also like to use the sketch on a flyer. My wife is running the Boston Marathon in support of the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation. My e-mail: