Sunday, 15 November 2020

Sketchday in Elsloo


We are not able to organize sketchmeetings like we're used to. Meetings of more than 2 persons are forbidden. So we organized a virtual sketchmeeting. On 60 locations all over the Netherlands sketchers would make drawings, and keep contact with each other through Zoom. I was in Elsloo, together with Roger Klaasen (present chairman) and Ruuud Otten (departing chairman). It was also a Thank-you meeting for all the work Ruud has done for the USk-NL group. I came up with a challenge: make your drawings in grey tones. Rudulf Rost of Windsor and Newton made a livestream to explain how to mix lively greytones. I tried it in the first drawing, but that was a failure. The second one is less grey, but better anyway. The center of Elsloo.

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