Saturday, 26 October 2019

Israel: day 2 the biblical places

On day 2 we travelled north, to Nazareth where we visited the annunciation grotto. I made a sketch on location there, but it was a horrible one. We also visited the lake of Galilea (now lake of Tiberius, the site of the bread multiplication) the ruins of the house of Petrus, some river Jordan baptism site and some other biblical sites. And ate a so called St. Peterfish. Tasty, but a lot of bones.

After a visit to the Golan Heights (with fantastic views over the country Jordan) and a boat trip over the lake, we ended in Tiberias. Above the view towards the lake, as seen from the hotel room.
And below a sketch of the electrical masts, you see these everywhere.

It was very hot, over 42 degrees C.

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