Saturday, 23 July 2011


"You just have to head down the stairs from the hotel, and you'll arrive at the little harbour. Usually we dine at the last terrace, at Zorba's. I guess that's not his real name, but everyone calls him that way. Ha! Only two night shifts to go and we'll be on the plane heading south" He laughed and took the next exit.

This is the Botlek, the A15 on exit 14. I was inspired by the stories and drawings of Paul Madonna "all over coffee".


LuTi said...

Ha, label "uninteresting things"! I like it. But what makes this uninteresting thing interesting is the very low horizon and the contrast between dark factory silhouet and light sky.

I love the B&W sketch of Brielle on Urban Sketchers ! Really very good!

Rene Fijten said...

Unfortunately the blogtitle uninterestingthings was occupied.
I'll post the B&W Brielle drawing later.