Saturday, 1 February 2014


This afternoon Ricardo Frederiks (19) presented his novel at the Heerlen artcenter "Schunck".
The book tells the story of a boy with the Asperger syndrome (a type of autism).
It's not strictly an autobiography, but leans hard on his own experiences with that disorder.

Some time ago he asked me to make the cover for the book: the drawing of the glass jar with him in it, and swaying buildings as background.
It was a tough assignment because he had strict ideas about how the drawing should look like. And when I figured some of those ideas wouldn't work for a bookcover, I had a hard time convincing him otherwise; it was like my ideas just didn't arrive. Indeed, very Asperger.

During the presentation Ricardo and a few other poets recited a few poems. They were very good. All in all a very impressive presentation!

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