Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Ridder Jeroen (6): Jake

Page 6 of "the strange travels of Lord Pentamundo or in Dutch: "De vreemde avonturen van Ridder Jeroen".

Now our Knight knew what to do: four quests to win the heart the Countess.

So he jumped on his flying horse and flew away. But it was late, and the sun set slowly behind the dark shadow of another castle.

Suddenly he heard a young boy sobbing. He was sitting on a fence and staring at his dark lantern.

The Knight asked curiously: “My dear boy, what is troubling you? How can I be of service?”

The boy looked up and said: “I am Jake, and I live in that little village over there. Since the storm of last week we don’t have any fire or light left!”   

The Knight looked to the dark village.

Jake went on: “A seven-headed and fire spitting dragon lives in the tower of that castle. But she is very sweet: she offers us her fire for free. And that is so sparkling and beautiful that we are able to sell it to the other villages."

"But now we don’t get anything anymore. We don’t know what to do now!"

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