Saturday, 6 March 2021

Ridder Jeroen (5): The Oracle


Lord Pentamundo page 5: the Oracle

"The belly of our Knight was totally filled; only four cakes were left.

He was totally in love and exclaimed: “Dear Countess! Behold my eternal Love! How can I conquer your heart?”

The Countess was surprised “But you will have to ask the Oracle! It predicted your arrival! Only yesterday I was told: “Through his stomach a man’s Love will show. Soup or Dessert is all you need to know!”

They both took the leftover cakes and went to the cellar.

The Countess asked: “Dear Oracle, this Knight (who still doesn’t know who he is) seeks your advice!” The Oracle was surprised to see the cakes, they ate three of them with joy.

Then they looked -still hungry- at the remaining cake and said enviously: “My lady, three mouths for four dishes means hell; but four ingredients in one meal will taste extremely well.”

Our Knight immediately knew what to do."

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